Most Popular Live Cricket Streaming Websites

If you are a cricket fan and wanting to stream the next live match from your phone or PC then look no further. We have done all the important research for you and made a list of all the top choices for live cricket streaming.

Cricket is a sport which is loved by millions around the world. Today it is possible to never miss a match again. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile device and you are ready to go. Check out these popular websites for live cricket streaming.


This is the number one site for streaming live cricket matches. This is a site that gives the viewer the entire package. You can watch any live cricket TV match, check scores, teams and even other upcoming matches. The navigation on this site is super easy and it is free of charge to use. The lagging time is just over a minute so you are getting everything in real time mode. You can literally find anything and everything to do with cricket on this updated interface and is the most popular around.


Crictime is another popular option but has less users. During live matches though the viewers reach millions. The great thing about this site is you can watch worldwide matches and local games as well. The site again is simple to use and has a flashy design.

You can choose from different servers to watch the match from and you can keep up with all the latest news, scores, matches, players and everything that is important to cricket fans. This site loads quickly and doesn’t have any major lagging issues. It also doesn’t crash during matches which is a plus.


Starsports is a great site to stream matches from. It was originally created for viewers in India but you can use it wherever you are in the world. The coverage is amazing and streams nearly every live cricket match. This site also streams exclusive features, programs, news and players scores along with all other important information.

The site itself looks very professional and is easy to use. You can choose from a number of languages and it beats a lot of other streaming sites out there.


This site is one of the newer ones seen on the net today. Saying that it is slowly gaining a unique reputation from cricket lovers. There are many different channels to choose from to watch the match of your choice. The streaming options come in HD as well which offers fans an even more enhanced experience than before. Sound and picture quality beats the regular streaming services. They are slowing improving their variety but as of now is a popular option if you want to quickly load a live cricket match.

Sky Sports

Sky sports is a notable option to choose. Navigation is made easy on this website because you can easily see a list of the matches being shown at that current time. This is a site to choose if you want all the extra features. We are talking about score updates, player news, match schedules, podcasts and even blogs. You can really keep up to date with Sky sports. This is a site which offers viewers HD quality and makes it easy for cricket fans to watch their favorite sports from their mobile device. They additionally have an app which you can download to your android device. Sky also has a movie section, a betting and casino section and a load of other areas so you are getting everything you love in one simple package.

Choosing The Right Website For Live Cricket

Depending on what you are looking for then all of these above sites are great for watching live matches from. If you want something with extra features like notifications, updates, news and schedules then go for one of the more complicated sites. If you just want to watch a match then choose one of the simpler ones.

All you need to do is choose the website of your choice, load up the site, choose the match of your choice and sit back and relax. What more could a cricket fan ask for?