Top 10 MP3 Music Download Sites List

MP3 Music Download Sites are the great source for downloading songs, Mp3 music, music videos, music tunes etc. you can easily download and stream music videos. Now the internet, smartphones, and free MP3 sites have totally changed the way of music industry. You can get free music videos from all over the world. It has brought world all music fields come closer. Any musician can upload their videos and any person can download them if they like them. Before these music sites it was very difficult to get new music. You had to bring CDs and had to purchase them. You had to wait for new album release and had to wait for CDs availability in the market but with the help of these free MP3 sites, you don’t need to do any effort.

You can download all type of national or international music. In the internet world it becomes very easy to access desired things if you know the right place to search them. It will too save your time. The same way if you know the right place the about music then you can easily download your favorite songs and music. Free MP3 Music Download Sites are great places for music or songs searching and downloading. Musician from all over the world can sell and promote their music from these music websites.

Everyone from all over the world loves to listen the music and wants to keep songs and music in laptop and in mobile. It is difficult to store them but mp3 files have made it very easy. These files have digital encoding format technology. This type of technology compresses the data into minimal size to store without harming its quality. It is a most famous format to store music files on portable devices. Now you can download music files very quickly and easily from free MP3 Sites. Here is a list of world most popular free MP3 Music Download Websites.

YouTube  free music download

YouTube is a largest free mp3 site among music websites from all over the world. It has 15.8 billion unique monthly visitors. You can download any type of video as well as share with your friends. UTube popular video downloading and sharing site was founded in 2005. Founder were three friends chad hurley, Jawed karim and steven. Google in 2006 had purchased this site. Youtube free mp3 music website application accessible on computers, laptops as well as on smartphone, window phone, iPhone, iPods. Unregistered viewers can only view the videos and after registration users avail the facility of uploading and downloading unlimited videos and clips. This music site has 61 languages version all over the world. YouTube and Google+ social network both are Google sites. You can directly integrate these two sites. You can watch UTube videos in the interface of Google+ with chrome browser. YouTube uses the technology of adobe flash player and HTML5 to show huge verities media and user uploaded videos on one platform. YouTube is the most famous site among mp3 music download sites. MP3 Music Download

Xbox is a largest digital music catalogs site among world top music websites. It has huge traffic volume of 861 million unique monthly visitors from all over the world. This site has 40 million songs with 14 million US tracks and 31million tracks for all over the world. In 2012, Microsoft Inc developed this mp3 site. You can avail the service of this mp3 site on computers, tablets, laptops, window RT, window 8, window 8 phones, Xbox etc. You can get new music of your choice through Xbox music pass, xbox music store, xbox catalog. Music lovers can find more than 40 million songs in the windows store. You can buy songs, albums and tracks of your choice from Xbox Music Store. This is the top hit site among world mp3 music download sites.

Soundcloud  MP3 Music Download 

Soundcloud is a famous free music websites. This music download site  was developed by Eric Wahlfors and Alexander Ljung in Germany year 2007. Registered members can upload, record, share and promote their music sounds all over the world. Visitors can sign up too with Facebook and Google+ account.

Soundcloud music site has a variety of audio tracks, unreleased tracks and much more. On this mp3 site, you can’t download the majority of the famous video because of legal problems. Visitors can stream songs only on the website. Registered members with a creative common license can download music songs. You can connect directly with your favorite singer and famous brands artists. People and singers both can make a community of fans on this music website. The visitor can make profile and groups.

Soundcloud is another free mp3 site among music websites. It has more than 236 million unique visitors. This is a good social network for the music industry and music lovers. This is a social audio distribution network. This site distributes music with widgets. Websites and blogs owners can place the widget on their sites. A musician can upload their music songs and files with DURL (Distinctive uniform resource locator) which makes files enclosed firmly and attach for transferring anywhere.
Soundcloud feature to connect directly with favorite singers, artists makes the site more popular than other mp3 music download sites. This music site has API (Application programming interface) application which allows other application software of different devices like phones, IPod’s to download or upload music files without interruption. 

Last.FM  MP3 Music Download is famous and interesting music collection site having more than 24 million unique visitors monthly. This free music download site has both facilities of streaming track without the downloading and with downloading. You can search and watch your favorite music. You can search your old favorite music songs and enjoy them. This site is great for sharing and watching your selective songs from all over the world. is a powerful music site having a strong community of music lovers. You can add this site to the list of your favorite free music download sites.  Its interface is very attractive with showing globally trending artists. This music site has API which allows any user to build own programs with using the data of the site. You can browse and download songs on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

Pandora  MP3 Music Download 

Pandora is a New Zealand, United states and Australia-based mp3 music site. Pandora was founded by Will Glaser, Jon Kraft, and Tim Westergren. It is operated by the pandora media. It has more than 126 million unique monthly visitors. The user first has to register for their service availability. Without registration, the user can’t download songs. Users can get service access on other devices Sanyo, roky, Sangean, Google TV, Roku , WDTV etc. This music website has both free and paid services. Music lovers from New Zealand, United States and Australia must add this site to their favorite free music download sites list.  Pandora too has blog service for its users to comment and share their views and ideas etc. This music site has a great service for vehicles to play music like Lexus, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc. People can enjoy traveling with Pandora music service. and Pandora both are advance mp3 music download sites because of their advance features.  MP3 Music Download is a famous and largest free music download site among world music sites. It is a digital application store for android operating system. It has 342.5 million unique monthly visitors. You can upload free 50000 songs and stream anywhere all over the world. You can access 35 million songs free of cost. You can instantly search for songs, genres, artists with radio stations. You can create own playlists. is a huge mp3 musical store. This store is accessible in 34 countries from all over the world. You can download songs, videos, magazines and TV programs. Google play store to has devices section where you can buy chrome books, google nexus, hardware devices and a lot of accessories of your choice. has high worth among other mp3 music download sites because world biggest search engine Google operates this site.

Spotify MP3 Music Download

Spotify is a great free mp3 site among top world music sites. It was launched in November year 2008. Spotify site is available in more than fifty (50) languages. It gives you instant access to millions of songs. You can download your old favorite songs as well as latest hit songs. This site has 122 million unique monthly visitors. You can browse and search music in different ways including playlist, album, artist name and record label. You can avail Spotify service on PC, Tablet , WD TV, Samsung Smart TV, Windows Phone, smartphones and much more. Spotify works both on computer, mobile, tablet and TV. Spotify has millions of tracks. This site is famous among mp3 music download websites because of its cheap rates and student discount premium. You can share all type of music videos with your friends and family on social media facebook, twitter, Instagram. You have the facility to browse through friend’s collections, celebrities, and artists. You can too create a radio station. This music site has radio feature where you can create a random playlist of your choice songs. You can upgrade to premium account for advance features facility. You can avail the facility to skip tracks according to your choice but free account has limited to five options to skip tracks. MP3 Music Download

Music yahoo is most famous online mp3 music site among world music sites. It has more than 6.5 billion unique visitors from all over the world. In 2000, it was founded by Launch media. is a great entertainment service of yahoo social network. This mp3 site has high-quality sound. This website has launch cast player system which supports only Microsoft system. This site has an extra edge among other mp3 music download websites because yahoo owns this site. This site free account has limited to twenty thousand songs each month. Upgraded account has many facilities and special services. You can get all type albums of singers and artists without any commercial ads. Yahoo music juke box (YMJ) needs Microsoft Windows XP for searching songs with a browser. You have to install windows media player for YMJ working. On yahoo music users can’t skip ads on their choice because yahoo doesn’t give such type of service. 

Myspace free music download

Myspace is huge mp3 music website among world top music sites. It has 9.2 million monthly visitors. In 2003, it was founded by Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe. This free music download site is designed for singers, artists, and musicians. This site has an open social application developer platform for sharing ideas and help in coding own apps. Myspace users can create a profile and share their music with other not only on site but also on social networks Facebook and Twitter. You can join this site with Facebook, Twitter, and email. It’s very easy to join and up to you what social media you like to join. You can attach your youtube songs and videos into myspace profile. This site is famous among other mp3 music download websites because of its strong social network. Registered users can build their own station and can play this on radio channels from different devices like tablet, computers and mobile phones etc.  Mobile application of this site is provided

Amazon MP3 Music Download 

Amazon is the world biggest online shopping site having 1.1Billion unique visitors monthly. You can sell and purchase anything you like. This website has too online music store. Amazon music store is the world first online music store to sell music. Musician and singers should add this site to their favorite music sites list to sell their music. You can find millions of music videos in the free music library. Amazon music store allows selling music from all over the world without DRM.

All these top 10 music sites are a great source of the online music industry. Music lovers can download all type of songs in the format of mp3 from above-mentioned world top mp3 music download sites.

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