Link building in SEO

Link building is most powerful and effective SEO technique or process of making and increasing high-quality backlinks or links for your website to get priority in search engines result especially in Google. This process increases the rank of the website in the search engine result as a result website gets huge traffic.

Search engines (Google) take these links to crawl the website and its pages. Search engine spiders use these links not only for individual website crawling they also use them for whole websites from all over the world. SEO Experts use link building for search engine optimization

A funny example: you may say content is the king and link is the queen. Page rank and traffic are the babies of your site. World top search engine Google doesn’t give high rank to any website without high-quality link building.

Link Building Importance

Search engines are crawling machines. They crawl the entire websites available world widely and use links to give value and rank to the websites. All the search engines are blind to know the important of your website for visitors they only crawl the links you make through link building. Links are the important signals for your content, website and business. They help your website to win the good ranking in all the search engines and receive targeted traffic to a site.

Effective links increase the trust and authority of your website in the search engines. The real goal of link building is to bring your website to the first page of search engine results. SEO experts do all the activities to bring website ranked on the first page of search results. In all the SEO experts activities link building has a very high role and importance. Great content and great links supercharge your website and business. 

Type of link building

Link building is a time-consuming process. Search engines love to crawl the links of entire websites. A website owner must know what types of links are good for site ranking and what type of links are bad. What type of links website owner should avoid? When you are doing SEO for your website or blog, you must be fully aware of benefit and drawback of making links on different websites. First, you should know the different types of link building according to websites where you build links.

Natural link building

Web sites having great contents and material or any service people or other websites owners like to share with others. They create outbound links on their own websites. All these links are created naturally. You don’t need to beg for linking. These types of links have great and high value in website ranking. Search engines love and consider these links as a greatly trusted link. These links are also called editorial links created by other websites owners. You don’t need to do SEO work for creating it. This is the great type of link building

Manual link building

Website owner or SEO Experts manual create these types of links. These links are created by submitting website URL in high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites, directory sites, committing sites, classified sites etc. This is too called outreach linking. You have to take care and always keep in mind build link only in high PR dofollow sites. Don’t create a link in low page rank sites it will harm your website ranking and business. Consider the quality not the quantity of links. If your website or business is new and you have to promote it, you need these types of link building

Non-editorial link building

Links created the roles of search engines all are included in it. Don’t try to fool the search engines. Google begun can detect and penalize you. You will face loss if you don’t care about it.

  •  Showing contents are important, relevant and valuable but in reality, they are not important. 
  •  Buying links for high page ranking. It is against Google laws.
  •  Putting hidden links and texts in the website to fool the search engines.
  •  Paid link building in the websites offering to create links.
  •  Creating links to low-value no follow low page rank websites.
These three types of link building will help you and guide you the right way how to avoid from bad linking.

How to do link building?

Link building is an important factor in search engine optimization. Before you start to link making your on-page SEO must be 100% complete.  Check out On-page SEO checklist list 2016

Keep in mind the following important point 

  1.  Content must be free from spelling mistakes
  2.  The website must be free from hacking and cracking materials.
  3.  The website must be in English. 
  4.  Website on-page SEO factors must be complete.
  5.  Link building is an important off-page SEO factor.  
  6.  The website must have good contents.
  7.  Contents must have unique material.
  8.  Website loading speed must be fast.
  9.  Under construction website is not allowed for link building
  10.  Website interface must be attractive with colorful logos, images etc.
  11.  The website should have social media sharing links like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  12.  The website you select for link building must have high page rank.

Now you are ready for making high PR Dofollow backlinks. All the given sites list are great for free link building.

  1. High PR Dofollow Social bookmarking sites list
  2. High PR Free Classified Ads sites list
  3. High PR DoFollow Directory Submission Sites List
  4. HIGH PR Blog commenting sites list

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