How to use hashtags in your social media marketing

Hashtags on social media


Now on social networks #hashtags are the great source of gathering people having same interests under a hashtag, even if they’re not your friends, followers or fans.  It makes the content of your post accessible or viewable to all public with similar interest and opinion.

Now mostly social media or  social networking sites users are frequently using them for all purposes.

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Chris Messina had written the first-time hashtag on social network “Twitter”
Chris Messina had Tweeted hashtag for the first time. He worked as a designer on Google+.
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Hashtags on Twitter 

Twitter is a social network that brought the hashtags in social networks. Many people are using them in their tweets. #tag on twitter is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. People can find trending topics with the use of these tags. You can use them for your brands and business in order to engage with your audience and customers to take views and opinions.
You can start a conversation and engage them.
 Twitter #tags have solved a complex level coordination and conversation issues. Most Popular #tagged words often become trending topics. Trending topics are called the topics so many people of the same opinion are talking about them. Hashtags are one of the most important and efficient tools to organize information on Twitter. E.g #ILoveChocolate, #SocialMarketLeader, #ImageLaughter.

Hashtags on Facebook status

Facebook has added hashtag feature support service in June 2013. They are clickable tags on the biggest social network Facebook. #tags on Facebook allow users to quickly see what the other people are saying about the same matter or products or about brands. Must use hashtags in your Facebook status updates it will help to brand your Facebook status on social media.

Facebook is also trying to make great facility hashtags which can be searchable, even if they are originated on a different social network such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. These #tags will help you to view such people in the front of you, whom you have never seen. You can promote a special campaign ,events, and business. Most of the pepole use hashtags on facebook for business

#Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is too included in the fastest growing social media. The Instagram android application has made it more users friendly. This social network has text boxes, where users can write short details about anything.
On Instagram, it is in trend to write a short description with the hashtag in the text boxes. This feature has increased the visibility of the same opinion and related content on demand. It has made more users friendly. People love to share a picture or any related things in hashtags. Just by one click on #tag people can see huge results at one place. The fashion industry is taking a lot of advantages on Instagram with the use of #tag.

#Hashtags on Google+

Google+ uses hashtags in a different way than the other social networks. Other social networks curate material or content just by filtering updated data. Google+ uses the technique to explore content.
Google+ has auto-suggesting function feature for it. You can get help to select #tag from this tool. If you don’t want to use this feature you can disable it. Google+ auto creates hashtag into your post. If you post any type of content in detail having a keyword or word many times it will make this repeating word automatically a #Hashtag.

#Hashtags on Pinterest

The Pinterest social network has hashtag facility only in the pin descriptions. #tags use and work on Pinterest is different from other social networks. They are clickable only in pinned post. They are not clickable in account and board. Writing #hashtag is same but use is different. It is a unspaced phrase or word putting the sign # in the start.
Appling it in the Pinterest pins have various benefits. You can showcase your views, opinions. You can remain in contact with like-minded and same thinking people. You can establish direct connections with your client. You can establish business relation or market your product or service at pinned post. Hashtags have totally changed the way of marketing. You can enjoy business opportunities not only on Pinterest but also on other social networks.