Article Submission Sites list

Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites have become very famous for getting fast ranking in search engines. You have to write a good article about your business or brand with anchor-text of your website to force people to visit your site. When you are submitting an article for the sack of getting high rank you must submit your article only in high PR dofollow websites. You must write unique articles for submission. Don’t repeat the same article again and again in all sites. Google loves unique articles anchor text links to crawl. It will not only increase your rank as well as you will see a sudden increase in traffic.

Before submitting article your website on-page SEO must be 100% ready. 

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Your website and service should be ready for use. Don’t submit an article for under construction website. First, complete it then start writing a good article and submit them. 

Article submission sites are a great source of link building.  You can get a quick response from these sites. The great benefit of these sites is they allow submitting articles related to your business and brands. You can directly promote your business and get high-quality backlinks for your website. 
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Your article must contain more than 300 words with no spelling mistakes. It must not contain tenses and grammar mistakes. If you write good article your chances of getting good rank will increase.  The authentic article gives the authentic result as you know content is the king in SEO. Article submission plays very important role in off-page SEO optimization 

Article Submission Sites list 2016

If you are a new blogger or new website owner link building in article submission sites plays very important role for your website ranking and business. This technique can boost up your website traffic very quickly.,, are the example of these sites. These sites are very good and effective tool for content marketing. You can write articles related to your business and can do marketing. You can promote your business globally through these sites.

Your article must be high quality with the professional presentation of your business. It doesn’t look spammy. Major content submission sites have a moderating system to check articles quality. If you don’t submit quality content these sites will never accept and approve it. Before submitting articles in these sites you must read their rules and regulation because every site has some rules you have to follow them for approval of your article.

All the given high PR article submission sites are free to join.