Video websites for free video sharing

Video websites for free video sharing, free uploading, free downloading, sharing on web are great method to promote anything or videos. Internet users need free Video sharing sites for different purposes. In Internet world videos play very important role. People or website owners or blog owners need to show and explain many things through videos.

Free video sites are great source for such people. Online entertainment websites use videos for the fun and amusing people. This huge entertainment world is incomplete without free video websites and free video sharing sites.
People need online video sharing sites for marking their brands, education, fun and many more. If you are business man, marketer or a common man you need all these sites. You can upload any type of video small or large and share on social network with your friends, family. Now free online video sharing websites have become essential part for internet users. YouTube is the mother of all world video sites because this is the number one website come into the internet world to introduce video concept. Now internet has so many video sharing sites like YouTube.

Here is the top Video sharing website list. You can use this Video sharing site list free of cost. All the given sites are free and world top free Video websites.

YouTube video site

YouTube is a very famous video sharing website. It is a first free video site in the internet world. It had revolutionized the videos over the internet. YouTube has headquartered is in United States, California, San Bruno. This free video sharing site was founded by the three employees of PayPal the famous payment processor of world. In the month of February Steve chen, Jawed Karim and Chad hurley had developed the lovely entertainment free video sharing site with the name of YouTube. Later on in Nov 2006 Google had purchased this site in 1.65 billion USD. Google has integrated YouTube with their Google+ social network as well as their web browser chrome. Now it has become biggest social video sharing network among free video sites.
YouTube service platform uses the adobe flash player and HTML5 technology software to show videos to everyone. Its content materials are uploaded by the videos up-loaders registered members and corporate media.
Now YouTube has a huge volume of visitors and members with their videos. It is included in the top most free video websites list. This website has its service in 61 languages and available world widely. You can access this free video sharing site from mobile phone, windows phones, iPad, iPhone and tablet. It has web application and apps for all major media devices and smartphone. YouTube visitors or unregistered people have facility of only watching videos. They can’t upload videos. They have to register for uploading videos. YouTube Registered and verified members can upload unlimited clips and videos freely. This site too has the facility to upload 3D videos.

Vimeo video site
Vimeo is too a huge video sharing site other than YouTube. Vimeo was created by the filmmakers group in 2004. Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick has developed vimeo. Vimeo headquarters are New York city, United States.  It has free and paid both services. Vimeo is included in the top social sharing video websites list. Vimeo basic package is free for individuals. As a package member, you have the facility to upload 500MB per week and 25GB per year. Its upload space facility has refreshed in every 7 days. You can avail this limited offer free of cost. This offer is for such people who don’t have need to upload tons of videos every week. It has very friendly interface among all video sites. Vimeo don’t allow uploading commercial contents. People having high video uploading need like business owners they can upgrade to plus or pro vimeo packages. Vimeo Plus package plan member can upload 5GB video data per week. Vimeo Pro package member can upload 20GB video data per week. In both packages upload space has refreshed in every 7 days. Upgraded members can avail high quality services with multiple facilities. Vimeo video website users can create groups, channels and albums. You can watch and share your videos on any device laptop, windows phone, smart phone, ipad, iPhone, android, tablet etc. You can share videos privately with your friends and family.

Dailymotion video site
In Mar 2005, Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivies Poitrey had founded this online video site. Its main head office is at Paris France. Dailymotion is too included in the list of top free video websites. It is available in 18 languages and has 35 local versions. Dailymotion has added some social features into its platform like adding friends, following videos and subscribing channels etc. people can share, comment on friends videos etc. you can sign up and upload videos for your website or blog. You can share videos on Facebook, twitter and instagram. You can access this site service on android phone, tablets, xbox 360 and smart TV, apple TV, smart TV, Samsung and LG TV. It has blog service for the discussion of people. It has too paid content and renting video option service. This is a video sharing site like youtube. This video website has some extra features with the name of dailymotion games, dailymotion everywhere, dailymotion stream, mass uplaoder, jukebox etc. DM too has very good user interface among top video sites.

Vine free video sharing website. This place is ideal for short 6-second video clips looping. Dom Hifman, Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupoy had founded this free video site. In October 2012 twitter the famous social network had acquired this online video sharing site. Twitter had bought this video site in 30$ million. People publish their videos on vine social network and can share on top social network twitter and facebook. Vine service can be accessed on windows, android mobile phones. This Free video sharing website app is available in 25 languages. You can record and upload your choice video clips and share on social networks. People can share each and other post. Visitors can watch video clips without registration. This is a great social video platform for video lovers. You have to register for uploading video clips. This is the top one free video submission site among world top free video websites.

TV website is for online live TV shows as well as full TV episodes videos and clips. This site has service for web and mobile. Register members can submit TV shows on this site. This website was launched by CBS in the year 2005. It is a web base social television over the internet which provides free video sharing. is too a good source for video uploading among video sites list.

Vube is a video website for video uploading and free video sharing. People can registered and earn through uploading.  This site offers all of its services free of cost. Members can avail the service of own channel to post and publish their content. They can comments and follow others video channels. Vube is a free video sharing site with monthly prizes and contests.

Twitch is a top social video sharing network and leading platform for gamer’s communities. It was founded in the year 2011. was the founder of this free video sharing website. Later on Amazon had acquired this video website. This is too a live streaming site. This is an entertainment with fun social network. Friends and fans can share fun and love of games over the internet. Every month more than hundred million users come here to watch video games and discuss them. Twitch has live and on demand caters platform for whole game industry. This platform has media outlets, publishers, games developers, content creators etc. Game lovers can search and find top gaming video shows through manvgame, destructoid and joystiq. This site has multiple live top channels.  Twitch is available in 28 different languages. This is a free video website. People can watch movies, can listen music and play games from this online video site. Twitch has dedicated software platform for xbox one, xbox 360 and play station. Facebook and twitter is the top social network of this site. People can share videos from this social network. People can too avail the service of automatic sharing on Facebook. This site has too chatting platform for people. You can watch this online video sharing on mobile, ios devices, android devices and on smart TV. In short twich is a top entertainment, fun, games, TV, movies and music video sharing sites other than youtube. It is included in the world top free video websites list.

Ustream is a great video streaming platform. Here you can watch live and recorded videos. It has 30 days free trial service package for new one. Ustream was founded in 2007 by John, Brad Hunstable and Dr Gyula Feher. Its head office is located in Budapest and San Francisco. Users can avail the service of live and on demand features. This video website has apps for iPhone, iPad and android and multiple devices support apps. It has service of fingerprint system for detecting copyright content. Facebook and twitter is the major social networks of this site. It has premier video platform for media and businesses. This online video site has different categories of videos on news, games, entertainment, sport, animal, wildlife, music, movies, technology and education etc. ustream is very famous among video websites. It interface is available in different languages in German, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish etc. 

Liveleak is a UK famous video website. People can share their favorite videos. It was founded by Hayden Hewitt in 2006. Liveleak headquarter is in London. People can upload their videos in yoursay video sharing segment. This site has news and politics, liveleakers, entertainment, chat and blog services. Facebook and twitter has its social support networks. It has Ukraine and Syria two categories. Liveleak also has the service for covering war clips, footage, political issues etc. Here people are prohibited to share and upload all type of movies, media and music. This facility is allowed to only copoyright holders. Liveleak is too included in online video sharing sites list.

Break video website is included in the list of most funny online video sharing websites. This is too a great source for funny pictures, images, funny photos, comedy clips, flash games etc. Break is too included in video sharing sites like YouTube. Break was founded by Keith Richman in 1998. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, United States and California. Later on TMFT has brought this funny video site. It is a private company and it has multiple men targeted internet products. These products include MadeMan , AllLeftTurns, Screen Junkies, CagePotato, TuVez  and HolyTaco etc.Members can share their favorite videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Myspace social networks. is too included in the list of excellent video sites.
Registered members can upload videos, give comments, use galleries etc. You can subscribe weekly breakdown for top and trending videos of the week. You can quickly register through Facebook login. If you don’t want to join through Facebook then you can join from sign up button at the top of website. Break video website is too included in the list of video sharing sites other than YouTube. People can earn money through uploading videos on this site. YouTube and break both are good video websites for earning through uploading videos

Metacafe is a best place for uploading short videos including games, music, movies, TV, sports etc. Reza L zad is the founder of this video website. He had founded this online video sharing site in july 2003. Later on Digital Talent Agency had bought it. You can upload entertainment as well as related to fun videos. It is included in the top US video website list. It has Facebook , tumblr and twitter social support networks. It is too included in the list of video sharing sites like YouTube and dailymotion. Metacafe pays money to the people for uploading video and having good views.

In 1994 David Filo had founded yahoo. Yahoo in 2006 had launched its video website. It has on demand video streaming facility for its users. Users can watch movies videos, trailers, clips, music videos, TV show etc. it too has Discovery channel, Rooftop Comedy, PetTube, White House etc. It is a social network you can share videos with your family and friends. This is a huge online video sharing platform.

Veoh is a Qlipso part. It is a social content and video sharing platform. It is an online TV web. People can share and upload videos through this site. People can upload all type of videos, music, movies, games, clips etc and can embed them to their blog or website. This site has facility to upload multiple types of video formats. People can interact with each other’s and can rate the favorite clips or videos. People can write comments and give vote etc. Facebook and twitter are its social networks. Veoh is a music, movies as well as online video sharing website.

Hulu is a famous movie, music as well as video website. It was founded by Jason Kilar and Beth Comstock in March 2007. It has headquarters in California, Santa Monica and United States. It is an American company. It has multiple features for its users. Hulu offers one month free trial for its US users. You can watch TV shows, movies and other type of videos and share with your friends. Here users can too watch an astonishing content. Hulu has paid as well as free service for its members.

Netflix platform is for video streaming and sharing. It was founded in 1997 by the Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Netflix headquarters are in California, Los Gatos and United States. It has on demand streaming services for its users in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South and North America. Netflix has free and paid both packages. You can use its service on window PC, Laptop, Mac operating system, Linux. This is a famous video site for streaming movies, music etc.
Facebook video sharing site
Facebook is a world top social network. It is too included in famous free video websites. It has many facilities and service for its users. Video sharing is too an important facility of his huge social network. People can share online videos and can like or pass comments on them. You can send your favorite videos in message. You can pin your favorite video. You can share videos in groups, on timeline etc. 
All the given video websites are world most famous online video sharing sites other than YouTube. Move lovers and people who want fun and entertainment these video sites are great source for them. All the given online video sharing websites list is the top most wanted for people who want to share online videos. All are best free and paid video websites.