question and answer sites list

Question and answer sites are the great source of two side communication platform. Two side means you can question and reply the answer both. Simultaneously in Q and A websites people after registration can write a question and search for answers. If people search question which is related to yours, they can like your answer and choose it as a helpful reply. They can give you positive remarks and can vote you.

Yahoo answer, Quora, the LinkedIn answer are the great example of these sites. The Internet world is a huge place where people can get all type of knowledge. You can write a question in the search engines and can search for your answer but it takes a time to search for the proper answer to your question. You can get a quick and perfect answer. In some situation, people required expert skill or knowledge and expert person for their questions. 

Q & A sites are the best and easy way to create backlinks and get a high pagrank faster find latest qustion & ansers websites List

Question and Answer Sites List Domain Authority Page Authority
Yahoo Answers 100 96
Baidu 100 96
Quora 90 76
Iask Sina 99 87
Linkedin Answer 100 62
Wiki Answers 90 86
Stackexchange 83 85
Rediff 85 55
Experts Exchange 76 61
Fluther 53 49
Mathoverflow 71 66
Chacha 76 62
Allexperts 69 57
Mahalo 73 67
Healthtap 50 54
Otvet Mail 95 76
Askmehelpdesk 51 54
Metafilter 83 77
Bab Forum 66 46
Answerbag 66 54
Askmehelpdesk 55 52
Webanswers 44 47
Blurtit 57 54
Goeievraag 42 41
Whyzz 44 41

Question and answer sites are the great place for this type of situation. These sites help to gather the people of searching proper expert knowledge of particular question. They also help each other for proper answering. People get the answer and can see the opinions and views of other people. They can share their knowledge and can get knowledge from other people related to a particular question. All these Q and A websites are free to join. People from all over the world can participate in knowledge sharing about a particular question. Millions of the people can participate in it. In these sites, the user remains active. Question and answer sites are great for link building. You can get a fast result from these sites.

In search engine optimization back linking is a very important step for your website ranking. If you want your site to be on the first page of search engines result. You must create links to high PR dofollow sites. When you do link building on these sites you are completing off-page SEO of your website. Keep in mind before creating links your on-page SEO must be complete. Your website must not under construction. The content of your website is the king of your site. It must be high quality. When you a public question and answer on these sites your content must be full of knowledge and informative for the viewer. If you have your own services give the complete introduction of your business and brand. It will be very helpful for increasing traffic on your site.

Q and A websites are very helpful for brand or business awareness. They can give you active customers. Your content is your company presentative. Question and answer sites are the perfect place for your required searching question. It will force the reader to visit your website. You can get multiple benefits from these sites. You can build trust for search engines as well as trust and good strong relations with your customers. You can promote your business globally. You can create strong backlinks for SEO etc. Good backlinks, good quality content, good repute in high PR Q and A websites source the search engines to bring your site on the first page of search results. SEO experts use this technique to achieve high Alexa rank.