onpage seo checklist 2017

Perfectly Optimized Up to Date On-Page SEO strategies

On-Page SEO is a strategy which is used to boost up visitors to your website by obtaining a high rank in the search engines. Search engine optimization has always been an essential tool for the SEO Experts and Webmasters to market their websites and business successfully all over the world.

On-Page SEO

step by step guide will help you to perfectly optimize your website on-page  Up to Date Search Engine optimization.

1- Seo friendly Page Title tags

Your page titles are one of the most important on-page SEO factors on your site. Each of your pages & posts should have its own unique title tags, which includes the main keywords for that page its best approach.

Here’s a quick checklist for title tags and some tips on how to write optimized title tagsTitle tags make it relevant of the content on the page.

  • Title tags Length should be a maximum of 70 characters long, including spaces.
  • Use pipes | to separate important phrases, don't use commas underscores, dashes.
  • Keyword Placement in title tags is very important, try to place your keywords in title tags
  • Title tags must be written differently for each page and post.Don’t mass replicate your title tags.

2- Seo firendly Meta Descriptions

Most of  people forget to include meta descriptions for their pages and posts. Meta descriptions is very important for onpage seo, Meta descriptions length must be 150 characters.

These meta descriptions are an important place to include relevant keywords for your content, as these are used within the search results when your page is listed.

3- Image alt tag optimization

Optimize Image alt tag for Better Search Engine Rankings. “Alt text” stands for “alternative information.”. 

Here is Image alt tag optimization example


4- optimize website loading speed

The faster your site loads, the friendlier it is to your users

  • less then 1.5 Sec superb / Grantee Ranking
  • Less then 3 sec Good
  • more then 5 Sec 50 % traffic loss
  • more then 10 Sec 90 % traffic loss
check your website speed on serval sites gtmetrix, pingdom and google pagespeed 

5- Most effective KEYWORD strategies

SEO is a great tool for the promotion of your website and business. if you want high Alexa rank and want the search engine to love your website to be on the first page you should be fully expert in SEO. Search Engine optimization is very vital to stay on top of search engines. you must have most effective KEYWORD strategies to boost your SEO result.

keywords in meta tag

  • Use keywords in meta title in starting 
  • Use keywords in starting of  meta description

Keyword strategy in content

  • Keywords Density 2 to 3 % 
  • keywords must be in image alt tag
  • Keywords should be highlightd in bold/italic
  • Keywords must be use in first 50 to 100 words and last 100 words also 

Keywords in H1 tag heading

  • H1 tag of your site must have keyword in it

6- Most effective URL strategies

SEO experts use the most effective URL strategies which are loved by search engines. URL name is the most important key point in successful Search Engine optimization. 
search engine friendly URLs and use  keyword phrases naturally for each of your pages is highly recommended, as these bring better crawling.You must choose the right words for URL. 

Shorter URLs seem to perform better in search engine results, however, that is not the only factor

Following is the comparison of right and wrong URL name selection.

Bad Practice
  1. socialmarketleader.com/1234567
  2. socialmarketleader.com/onpage-seo-checklist-more-more-more( Too Long URL )
Good Practice
  1. socialmarketleader.com/onpage-seo-checklist ( Short URL)
  2. Keyword must be used in URL 
  3. Use canonical URL to avoid duplicate problem within the websites

7- Most effective CONTENT strategies

SEO king is the “content” Content is a source for communicating with your customers, audience or visitors so, your content must be high-quality content. When your content will be high-quality people will visit your site again and again. In SEO before writing good content you must have the following key points in your mind.

8- Responsive Design

Responsive design enables a page to adapt its layout according to whatever device a user is browsing on, making for an easier to navigate and more attractive user experience.

if your website is not opening in mobile phones and tablets kind of different devices then there are more chances to loss big amount of visitors traffic because of bad experience of user who visit your site. website must open on every mobile / laptop / Notepad otherwise rank drop

9- Add social media sharing Buttons on websites

social sharing buttons are also play very important part of on-page seo because Google prefers shareable content so,Make it easy for people to share your content. Social sharing buttons encourage distribution of your content across multiple platforms, which can send signals to search engines that your content is valuable and worth noticing.


social share buttons on web pages are very important part of on page seo techniques now a days.

Trust : Search engine optimization + Social Media sharing  = a perfect match.

10- Sitemap
Create a sitemap of your website and Submit sitemap of major serch engine like yahoo google bing etc