Infographic submission sites list - Updated 2017

Infographic submission sites are the advanced source for search engine optimization.The infographic is the combination of two words information and graphic. An infographic is defined as the easiest way of expressing complex information, knowledge and data with graphic visual representation. It is a quickest and clearest method of exposing useful and helpful knowledge with charts, diagram, images, graphs and dawning.

People use the infographic to quickly convey message and information. Info-graphics results on human brains are very amazing. Research scientist declared that human brain memorizes 60000 times faster than text content.

Free Infographic submission sites list

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Free Inforgraphic submission sites Domain Authority Page Authority
Flickr 97 96
Reddit 54 100
Visualising 29 39
Visual 89 87
Datavisualization 65 62
Coolinfographics 66 56
Chartporn 51 58
Business Community 85 54
Dailyinfographic 67 63
Graphs 48 62
Infographicsshowcase 48 47
Visualoop 99 59
Designyoutrust 69 70
Topinfographic 31 38
Submitinfographics 46 49
Pdviz 29 40
Nerdgraph 39 40
Loveinfographics 40 45
Infographr 46 45
Alltop 81 51
Daily infographics 37 45
Infographicdatabase 21 23
Vizualarchive 30 39
Infographicpost 32 42
Onlyinfographic 33 39
Infographic submission sites and method both have become very popular now a day. History of the infographic is very old. It was even used in the 16th century. The most famous astronomer Christoph had used it to explain the sun rotation etc. In 1857 Florence Nightingale was shown the situation of military hospitals in the England etc. From this old history of infographic use, you can guess how old it has been used in different fields. In 20th-century information, the graphic is widely used in newspapers, traffic signs, maps, weather charts etc. In the 21st century, the internet has modernized the infographic use.

Now in the internet world, it has become very popular because of its power to explain complex information and data into easy to understand ways. This is a modern age people like modern ways to read things that required less hard attention with a high presentation, less time consumption with one look full vision clearance. Now, internet world has many free infographics making sites and free Infographic submission sites.

You can make a free infographics presentation from these great websites,, and You can also promote your business with making a business informative graphic. Major social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest allow business promotion with infographics. All these social media sites are the great source of global business promotion. Here you can introduce your business in front of millions of people with eye-catching infographics presentation. Useful and informative infographics become popular very quickly because people like to share them on social media. They comment and link them to their sites. Your posts become highly viral with people engagement. All SEO on Infographic submission websites and social media infographic presentation both can make your business highly successful.

Infographic submission sites have very fast result in SEO and page ranking. Link building in these sites is very easy as compared to other websites. You can create backlinks as well as promote your business from these free websites. You can create high-quality high PR links with extraordinary advantages for your business. You can get traffic from both people sharing your infographic and from search engines. This is the modern SEO technique as well as modern social media technique. Building links with this technique are very easy because you don’t need heavy data content for promotion and presentation of your brands or businesses. Before submitting your website it must be ready. Its on-page SEO must be 100% ready. Under construction website is not allowed.

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