what are hashtags and how to use them

What are Hashtags 

Hashtag is an unspaced  word or phrase or a type of label or a keyword which is used on social networks for collect people and visitors on specific theme or topic or content. People use it in text messages, posting, in chats, songs, on photo sharing and advertisements. Hashtag  word or phrase all must be unspaced followed by mark “ # ”. You can use these tags on all social networks e.g  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. Hashtags are too used for your important add campaign, target audience and to increase your brand awareness. You can use it to collect people opinion and ideas on events or campaign at the local level, international level or world level. This method is an  efficient tool to find content related to specific topics and the people talking about these topics. Many people are searching their interest topic successfully on social network every day with the use of Hashtags.

Hashtags best use tricks


Hashtags best use tricks

For the best use of #Hashtags on social media, you have to care the following points.

  • It must be relevant to your post and topic
  • Don’t use lengthy words or strings together in it
  • Don’t over-tag a single post e.g  #ilike #funnycats #funnycati  #funnycatsanddogs
  • Use it on a public account so, everyone must search or find it.
  • Use events or campaign keyword as hashtags
  • Use it in your business correspondence
  • Use hashtag trending topics related to your field, industry or business
  • Capitalize the first letter to make it friendly for read #SocialMarketLeader
  • Hashtag must be grouped into its own update status box for conversation
  • Use it in your public posts (profile and page) for more result
How to create hashtags

you can create hashtag according to your wish and need. You have to add a # sign in front of a word or phrase. This tag connects you to vast and various communities you would never have discovered so, creating it for business purpose is very useful. All social network Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc use the same “#hashtag” method 

#Hashtags (unspaced word or phrase or a type of label or a keyword)